Precious encounters

Precious encounters[1] I first met Nils in 2005 in Tirana. I was working at the Albanian Foundation for Conflict Resolution, which was at the time organising an international conference on restorative justice where Nils was invited to give a plenary speech. The head of the organisation, Rasim Gjoka, was visibly excited and tried to convey to me how special this visit…

Restorative justice as a response to blood feuds: an idea whose time has come

Restorative justice as a response to blood feuds: an idea whose time has come   Talking about the phenomenon of blood feuds in Albania has never been easy. Depending on a speaker’s situatedness, the subject is likely to raise outrage, curiosity, or denial. Embodying complexity, as a Northern Albanian, as a woman, as a social scientist, and as a peace…

Restorative responses to environmental harm

Restorative responses to environmental harm In April 2019, the Leuven Institute of Criminology (LINC) KU Leuven KU Leuven celebrated its 90 years of existence. On that occasion, John Braithwaite, who is an honorary doctor of KU Leuven, joined LINC. With Ivo Aertsen, we took this wonderful opportunity and decided to organise an international seminar on restorative responses to environmental harm….


Moving past the worst thing

in November 2020 the European Forum for Restorative Justice organised an arts’ festival on the themes of justice, solidarity, and repair.
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Environmental restorative justice: A new justice framework for preventing and addressing environmental harms

This keynote presentation was given for the RJWorld 2020 eConference. In the video I explain the framework of environmental restorative justice and give examples of how it can be applied to prevent and address environmental harms.
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Restorative justice and terrorism: resisting evil with non-evil?

The restorative justice approach has great potential in responding to terrorist acts, and the ensuing polarization, because it focuses on forms of political and pre-political communication, exchange and encounters that are able to allow ‘difficult’ but respectful conversations in societal space.
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Imagining a justice that restores

We are imaginative about many things and find the exercise of imagination easy and pleasant, with the exception of our ideas and images of justice. They seem to be written in stone. But what if instead we used the gift of our imagination when it comes to justice?
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Art, a catalyst for restorative justice

When we think differently about justice, we represent it differently as well. In this TEDx talk, I explore how we portray justice and show how artists can support a more restorative type of justice.
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Restoring the future: thinking the refugee movements

Many people within the restorative justice movements have expressed their concern about the so-called refugee crisis, as they are trying to imagine ways to support the refugees and act together to counteract the societal or political reactions. In this piece I will highlight a few points and angles to consider, as we organize our collective efforts within the movement.
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The patience and art of weaving a village

Reading about and thinking of the fascinating and important work of our action researchers in Northern Ireland, Serbia, Austria and Hungary, an amazing encounter came to mind: a meeting with a small woman of great worth, the Sardinian artist Maria Lai.
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Uma sociedade que coloca uma pessoa contra a outra cria monstros e tem que lidar com isso

Bright Young Minds: criminologist Brunilda Pali

In this series, we put the spotlight on up-and-coming international researchers at KU Leuven to find out what they do and what makes them tick. This month: criminologist Brunilda Pali. “It’s not my style to follow someone else’s lead.”
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